E30Meet tshirt 2012


You are now able to register for E30Meet 2012, and/or buy an exclusive T-Shirt.

The first TEN people registering for E30Meet 2012 will get a discount of 200NOK or basicly a free TSHIRT!

Use the code "earlybird"


E30Meet 2012 is inviting E28 & E24 drivers to next years event.


There three reasons for this:

  • More track action
  • More sexy BMW's from the same era to watch
  • More audience

There will be price categories based on each model.


There is currently no date for E30Meet 2012 , but we are working hard to get this set. Stay tuned and do follow E30Meet on Facebook



E30Meet @ Performance BMW September Issue

Performance BMW magazine got a small article about E30Meet 2011 in their september issue.
There is also a long aticle about Gatebil, so there is noe excuse for not buying the mag. this month.